Now more than ever, kids need normalcy. They need their classes. They need their teachers. They need their friends. Only their own schools can provide that.

Dr. Jadis Blurton, Head of School

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What is VC@T (Vee-Cat)?

VC@T Global grew out of The Harbour School’s own Virtual Classroom protocols, developed Fall 2019 in rapid response to the Hong Kong protests.

We’ve synthesized everything that made our own virtual classrooms so successful into VC@T Global, so that any school can move swiftly into remote learning success.

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Why VC@T?

While other schools were fielding complaints from their stakeholders THS was inundated with support and praise for VC@T from parents, students, and teachers.

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Just a note to thank you and the other teachers for running the VC@T so efficiently and successfully. Justin is really enjoying it... I have already noticed Justin becoming more disciplined and organized in tackling his assignments than he was in “physical” school.

Adam, Parent of a Middle School Student

I’ve already commented on posts in some forums where parents of other schools are furious how little the schools are doing, and I brag about THS and how well it’s been going. Then I’ve had 2 people hunt me down and private message me asking about the school!

Suzanne, Parent of 2 Primary Students

I just wanted to say thank you for how you guys have handled the VC@T situation for us teachers.... It’s been hard to not brag about how well THS has managed this, or how amazing my own admin have all been about it all when teacher pals are telling me horror stories...

Emma, Grade 2 Teacher

Campus is closed but school is not "out."

VC@T Global is more than a policy; it's a mindset.

We pivoted to a “school without walls” because we understand the possible long-term impact COVID-19 and similar crises can have on student and school communities.

VC@T Global includes school protocols, communication templates, staff training, and more. Need a sample?

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Don't reschedule school days. Let VC@T Global help you enable student learning, save time on administration, and keep your school community happy.