What is VC@T Global?

VC@T Global is a framework (documents, protocols, and templates), helping schools to take their classrooms online easily and effectively, based on our own six months of development.

Who is VC@T Global designed to help?

VC@T is designed for administrators of K-12 schools that find themselves with a sudden need to adapt lessons for remote learning (or schools that simply want to be prepared for such an eventuality).

Does VC@T Global provide a technology platform for remote learning?

VC@T Global is not software. Schools should use existing tech platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and learning management systems such as Google Classrooms. VC@T Global equips school administrators to transform existing school protocols to optimize learning within these platforms.

Does VC@T Global come with a curriculum?

VC@T Global is not a curriculum. It is a framework that enables school administrators to take their curriculum online in a way that retains what is best. When transitioning to online learning, school curriculum doesn’t need to be compromised and time does not need to be wasted creating new curricula or systems.

What are the technical requirements of VC@T? How do I know if my school is ready?

All schools should follow the guidelines below. If you have a question, please do feel free to reach out via our contact form.


  • Each student must have a laptop or tablet.
  • Students will require age-appropriate supervision.
  • All students must have a stable internet connection.


  • The school must have a videoconferencing platform and ideally a digital file-management system and learning management system.
  • The school should have technical support to support staff and students, including the ability to provide technical support to students and teachers, monitor cyber security, and scale digital platforms (as needed).
  • The school must have its own curriculum to teach during VC@T Global sessions.


  • Teachers must be able to use the school’s chosen video conferencing platform.
  • Teachers will require a platform to share content with students (e.g. Google Classroom) and a platform to respond to student submissions.
  • Teachers will work best in a distraction-free and quiet area.
  • All teachers must have a stable internet connection
  • All VC@T documentation is provided in English.

Who's the team behind VC@T Global?

VC@T Global was developed by The Harbour School in Hong Kong. VC@T was developed in preparation for worst case scenarios of extended school shutdowns. VC@T 1.0 was developed in response to the 2019 Hong Kong civil unrest, refined, and then deployed as VC@T 2.0 in February, 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. VC@T 3.0 was deployed in March with optimizations including supervision protocols given the extension of school closure. Following positive feedback from various stakeholders in our community: parents, students, teachers and other schools, we were encouraged to provide VC@T Global to benefit other schools.

I would like to purchase VC@T for my school district. Are there custom solutions available?

If you would like to purchase VC@T for 5 or more schools, or if you would like extended consulting time, we can offer custom solutions rather than requiring each school to purchase licenses separately. If you have a question about a larger purchase, please contact us via the online contact form.

Is VC@T Global only for schools in the United States or Hong Kong?

We built VC@T Global to be flexible and helpful to any English-speaking administrative team regardless of your school’s geographical location, technology platform, or curriculum.

Are you going to translate VC@T into my language?

We are actively seeking partners (school administrators) to translate VC@T into other languages. If you are able to help with this project, please contact us through our online contact form.

What if a family only has one computer/device at home?

VC@T protocols allow for flexibility so that virtual schooling can continue with a shared device.

Can VC@T Global be done on the phone?

While it’s possible to use a phone at a VC@T Global school, we only recommend VC@T Global for schools where most students have a laptop or tablet device.


Does my purchase include future updates to VC@T Global?

We plan to release updates of the VC@T Global system (currently in 3.0) to all of those who purchase one of our packages. When a package is updated, you will receive an email notifying you that there have been changes. We hope to continue enhancing and refining the systems and protocols, and we’ll pass those improvements on to all our schools.

Does my purchase include consultation with the VC@T Global team?

VC@T Global Basic does not include consultation hours. If your school is seeking immediate hands-on consultation we recommend getting the Premium Plus version. But no matter which package you purchase, we would love to hear your feedback and we hope to address common questions live in our webinars and through updates of the VC@T system.

I represent a low-income school or school district, what kind of discounting is available?

We are happy to work with low-income schools and school districts. If you want to apply for a free or discounted package please reach out through our online contact form. Please include documentation on your school’s overall budget, student enrollment, and/or average family income to help us establish eligibility.

Is each school required to buy its own package?

Each school should purchase its own package unless it is part of a school district or larger group which has negotiated a custom package. Normally, each purchase grants one license. All documents are stamped with the purchaser’s name.

I have bought a package but haven’t received any email. What should I do?

If you have any trouble, please search your inbox for “Selz” to the email from our marketplace. If that does not work, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the documents, email, and/or receipt, feel free to contact us through our contact form.